The power of words

Now that’s a start, isn’t it?

I find it surprising how few people know that words are proper power. The right word at the right time can do so much. It can lift someone up and make him or her soar, and it can shatter someone completely.

I mean… talk about a powerful statement. Put down in, indeed, words. And that is what many authors try to do. Try to be. And that can be done in a myriad ways. An author can write to heal others, or heal him/herself, or do both, by writing about own experiences and how those were overcome. Those words can point the way to people in the same situation, or at least show them there is a way out of where they are now.

Words are powerful.

Another example of what words may do:

Put whatever is true about you behind “I am” and you will learn to see yourself.

Put your dreams and intentions after “I will be”and you may see what your future can have in store for you.

Using those same words, naturist authors convey their view on their lifestyle. Naturism. In that way, we can show others what it is, and very important also: what it isn’t. And for the seasoned (or seasonal) naturist, our work can be an escape into another world (a mirror earth for example 😉 ).

I always hope that my books inspire non-naturists to have a fresh and proper look on naturism. The internet is so full of faketurists that I grab every chance to make people see that real naturism is not what the greater interwebz serve up as naturism. (Is this a complicated sentence? Did you understand it anyway?)

And… did you notice what I just did? Did you pick up the fake naturists, combined in one word? Isn’t that powerful? Just one word and you know what I mean. And it’s not even an official word according to dictionaries! (And yes, it should be.)

Words are a great tool. They create clarity. Alas, some folks also use them to create confusion and strife, but authors usually don’t.

I intend to take you on journeys, to see the life of others. To get into situations and see how these are resolved. And hopefully inspire you to do more with the naturist lifestyle, if that has anything new left for you to explore.

5 thoughts on “The power of words”

  1. I love Weird Al’s “Word Crimes”! So fun, so funny. Yes, words are indeed our medium, our tools, and for that we need to know how best to use them. BTW faketurists is an excellent coinage!

  2. “Faketurists” may be “an excellent coinage” but only in the context of the article. If someone were to encounter the word with no context, he might think of a fake futurist.

  3. Yes, words are powerful. As writers, we need to choose words carefully for our readers. As writers, we also need to choose our words carefully as their power rebounds upon ourselves as well. Intention is good, but not good enough. Context is vital when we use words. With words having so many possible meanings [such as fakturists], context allows readers to relate and buy into the message. Thanks, Paul.

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