The Twists and Turns Between Fiction and Non-Fiction

The break through for the third book in the Broken Road series, found during a hike down a “Closed Road.”

Writing naturist fiction and non-fiction sometimes takes me down strange holes. You’d almost think I was a old, male version of Alice in Wonderland. As you may or may not know, I am writing a sequel to the RenĂ© Beauchemin series, a naturist novel following an Ottawa, Canada based fictional psychotherapist. Because of the first two novels, I have been encouraged to submit a short story [about 5,000 words] to a magazine here in western Canada. The element of fantasy is required which suits the use of Celtic deities in a story line. Naturally, I don’t want to steal from book three, so that means a new story will be crafted.

I will be setting the scene in northern France, in Picardy during the 800s. I will be using figures out of history, Celtic deities, and fictitious personalities to establish a family line that has both mortal and immortal aspects. Naturism will be the foundation that comes from the Celtic deities who were no strangers to being nude, even in warfare. Other than that, the rest is to be discovered as I write the story. I want to finish this short story over the next two weeks so that I can then move back to other works in progress.

The third book in the René Beauchemin series will be using Celtic gods and goddesses, as well as archetypal figures, especially those who have appeared in the first two books. The story begins where book two left off, and then takes the characters to confront themselves and dark forces on yet another heroic journey. Enough said about that story. I will be devoting the end of October, November [NoNaWriMo month], and part of December to finalising that tale where clothing is rarely worn.

Now that the weather is collapsing into winter, it’s a good time to write indoors with a small electric heater to take the chill out of the air.

As for non-fiction, the third book in my autobiographical series that originally was called the Broken Road series, is being sent for radical surgery. The premise of the book is to show how naturism had become a central park of the healing journey. In the first version of this third book, which I inadvertently published even though I hated it, the journey of healing was basically lost with the trivia of telling too much. This caused the book to drown in trivia. I had thought to have this revised version which is nothing like the first attempt, ready for publication this month. As it stands now, I will be satisfied to have it ready for sale at the beginning of April, 2019.

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