The world at the other end of my monitor


I am surprised. Surprised and happy. There is a whole world there, on the other side of my computer screen. Why does this make me happy?

Because of the many wonderful people who read the books I write. Because of the wonderful feedback I get, and the nice e-mails from readers.

It’s a small, small world.

You may know this, from Disneyland and Disneyworld.

We all know the world’s a pretty big place, but when I first wrote “The Naked Truth“, in Dutch, I had high hopes for it.

After publication, and sending a free copy to the Dutch Naturist Federation, those hopes quickly went down.

The Naked Truth

I’m not sure where the crazy idea came from, but at some point I reworked the story into English.

Apparently, Dutch naturists don’t like to read, or they don’t want to let anyone know they do. So far I heard from no one about the book.

Of course, it’s not obligatory to get in touch with an author, but this total lack of anything surprised me. The more when, after launching The Naked Truth, I got several e-mails from people, telling me how they liked the story and how they hoped there would be another one.

Another one?

Wow. That was a surprise. I can’t promise there will actually be another one, but never say never, as the saying goes. One reason is that this kind of mystery is very, very difficult for me to write. It takes a lot of thought, and, naturally, a good plot.

Another reason is that I’m currently working on six other naturist fiction stories in a range of genres. I want to get at least two of those done, before I even dare to think about another Naked Truth.

I also plan to read, once in a while. For instance, Will’s new book “Skinners”. 🙂

It’s a big, big world

That place on the other side of my computer screen. And I’m very grateful for that, and happy and proud that I can make a reading difference for so many people.

And I’ll be damned if my mind hasn’t already begun thinking about another mystery for Gerben to fix…

2 thoughts on “The world at the other end of my monitor”

  1. Hi Paul, congratulations on all of your incredibly prolific and dare I say, eclectic work. I also enjoyed ‘The Naked Truth’ and would love to see more of Gerben’s life adventures. But my naked truth is that I have read all of your books and am already starting the Murphy’s 2 ‘Ballata’ adventure. You’re a hard act to keep up with but I am doing my bit! 📚😉

    Just to be fair and balanced, I am also an incurable fan of Will and Robert/ Rene. I’ve looked forward to ‘Skinners’ since Will first mentioned his plan some years ago. It too is a wonderful read and again reflects the incredible literary creativity you guys bring to the world and your enormous contribution to the naturist lifestyle.

    Once again congratulations. Cheers. Andrew

    1. Hello Andrew,

      And thank you for your beautiful comment. Comments like this one make me proud of what I can do for the naturist community, bringing some joy and entertainment. I’m sure you’re fighting your way through all the stories!!

      We’re proud of what we do, Andrew. I’m a Will and Robert fan too, I hope they keep us entertained for a long time to come. 🙂

      Have a good one!


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