The writing addiction

Addictions come in many forms.

For writers, it’s usually in the form of writing, which in itself is a very weird occupation.

I proudly state that I’m a very good addict of this one.


Here on your right is the latest book that I threw out into the world. Not even that long ago.

It won’t be the last one. My addiction has taken serious forms, and the outcome of that, for now is as follows:

Naked Crow 11. It’s written and I am going over it to filter out the worst stupidity. I retrieved plenty of that. At this moment I’m almost halfway through, but so far, so good. That gives me time to come up with a better title than just “Naked Crow 11”.

After that I need to go over the third Emma Nelson book. That’s written too, and I’m quite pleased about it. Emma and Amarika meet up again, and somewhere there’s a dead body too.

That’s not where this ends. Behind the scenes of Naked Crow and Emma Nelson I wrote another Superhero book. Looong time ago (no, even longer), I wrote a first one and that was entirely off the rails, crazy, stupid, and an exercise in superheroing. I never published that, so if you want it, ask your favourite search engine for the works I never published. This new superhero book came out in a way that I had not expected. Not At All and then some. You may have noticed that I said I ‘wrote’ this book. Which is true. So this one is in the queue for inspection too, after Naked Crow 11 and Emma Watson 3.

Addiction. Written down.

Is the writing addiction shining through already? There’s more in the pipeline, but that’s still on the actual level of writing. No worries, it will all be written. “SkyGhost”, for instance, my naturist steampunk story, is making good progress, and I already have an idea for Naked Crow 12 – which incidentally already had a title!

I wish I had more time for all of this, but daytime jobs that pay the bills tend to get priority. Oh well, that gives all of us something to look forward to.

Happy new year, everyone!

4 thoughts on “The writing addiction”

  1. Yes, Paul, you have a serious addiction. I mean all those stories, especially those that have their protagonists lose their clothing … yep – an addiction. Somehow I doubt that there is any help for you other than another cat in your life who takes it upon herself to camp out on your keyboard demanding more of your time. But then again, I can see you training the cats to add their points of view to stories yet to be told. Write on.

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