Too Many Novels In Progress


Arghhhhh! What am I doing? It’s the second week in October and only twenty-one days until I begin a new work for National Novel Writing Month [NaNoWriMo].

It’s frustrating, but also exciting at the same time. One of my projects nearing completion is a sequel to a Middle Grades book. As usual, Fabien has done some awesome work on coming up with a cover image [he did the work for book one in the series]. If all goes as planned, the book will be published before I pen the first word in my new story that has yet to identify itself to me. Following close by is a naturist novel called Nightshade Publishing Company. It is in the final round of editing as I write this.

Other works in progress? Well, there is a novel I am calling The Four, which is speculative fiction, the story of four immortals who are not fans of clothing. They decide that it is time to make a new career as naked superheroes in the fight against evil in our modern world. It has enough elements of naturism to be of interest for those wanting to read such a work. I am publishing it serially at Wattpad for the next while. I won’t publish most of the novel via Wattpad as I do want to eventually put it in book form and place it up for sale.

Yet another work, a space opera, has been begun. I call it Grif in Space and it now stands at 13,000+ words. I am writing it for grandsons #4 and 5. Aliens Among Us was written for grandsons #1, 2, and 3. Space Cadet Academy was written for grandson #6.

Now, that’s not the whole story [I say sheepishly as I lower my head in shame]. I have created an account at Medium dot Com. There I have already garnered over 100 followers in just ten days and have had almost three hundred views of poems, articles, and musings. If things keep up the way they have begun there, my writing will actually start making money there. I don’t expect it will exceed sales royalties at Amazon, but it will pay for an occasional coffee or poutine.

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  1. You know how to have fun and how to fill your days. Don’t worry, my friend.
    More stories will come, and somehow, through November, you will find time to almost make it to the finish line of Nano!! ROFLOL!!

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