Welcome. Welcome to NaturistFiction.


You are reading the very first blog post on this brand new website called “Naturist Fiction”.

Why Naturist Fiction?

The short answer to this question is: because naturist fiction exists. The three people behind this website, Will Forest, Robert Longpré and P.Z. Walker, all write fiction with naturism as an underlying theme. Each of us have their own way of introducing the reader to naturism, of entertaining new and existing naturists with fiction and also poetry in their preferred lifestyle.

What can you expect to find here?

Of course there will be information about our books and also about us. Who we are, what drives us to be naturists, and what makes us write books about that way of life. If you scout around a bit you’ll find links to pages with our publications and links to online places where these books can be acquired.

Our aim is to make this website as easy to use and accessible as possible. The menu on the left will support you in that. If you have any problems finding something you look for with respect to our books or if you have questions, please let us know. There is a contact link in the menu to reach us.

For now please enjoy browsing the website and once again, welcome.


4 thoughts on “Welcome. Welcome to NaturistFiction.”

  1. Hi guys,

    Hope you get all kinds of positive feedback and I’ll be looking forward to reading your articles!

    Good luck!

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