When stories get confused

This tweet is the reason that this post exists.

Cedric, Earl of Unsworth, looked up as a shadow suddenly fell over his newspaper. “Oh my,” he said, “I hadn’t expected to see you here. Did you just fall out of the sky?”

Pat grinned. “No, I didn’t fall. I landed, and sorry if that’s too close to your personal space. I wonder what’s keeping Jody. She was way ahead of me and suddenly she was gone.”

“Jody?” Cedric frowned. “That’s a peculiar name. As you say she it has to be the name of a lady.”

“Yeah, you’re right. And she’s my lady.” Pat sat down on another chair that was at the table. “Where’s your lady?”

“Margarete just walked into the garden, to see to some things about the roses,” Cedric replied. “I recall she intended to bring some back as a surprise for Elisabeth, who should be here soon as well.” He looked at Pat. “Would you know if she’s bringing her friend? What’s the good chap’s name, Sporran?”

“Soran,” said Soran, who appeared on the grass near the terrace, where the two men sat. “And Elisabeth is a bit late. Good day to you, gentlemen, it is nice to see you.”

“Cedric, I do think that… Oh, hello!” Margarete returned with a few small bunches of pink roses. “You are quite early. Where are the ladies?”

At that very moment, Elisabeth and Jody appeared. They had Henry and Hannah with them, and also their children with boyfriend and girlfriend. Suzy and Mark immediately wondered where Rose and Max were.

“Oh dear, I wonder if there will be enough tea,” Margarete said. “But please, sit down and feel welcome, everyone!”

Henry looked at the Earl and his wife. “Weren’t you supposed to be dead?”

“Oh, yes, indeed, but let me tell you that being dead is very boring,” Cedric said, “even in fiction, so we decided to bring the house in its original order, move back in and let the author do what authors do best.”

“Ignore us for most of the time while they’re having fun with other characters and adventures,” Jody said. “I know where you’re coming from.”

Cedric and Margarete frowned at the use of words, but Max and Rose laughed and challenges Mark and Suzy, and their mutual friends, to a chase in the garden.

“I’m going to win this,” Negali said, and set off after the two naked kids, who screamed and laughed…

6 thoughts on “When stories get confused”

  1. What should I be thinking of this?
    I ave read the 3 books about the Unsworth nudes and I don’t recall this.
    What are you doing? It was supposed to be a historical story, but are you bringing in an alternative future?

    1. That’s the whole point. It would be confusing, as the tweet-quote-image above said. And yes, it is.

      I won’t do it again – it even confused me writing it!

  2. Time-bending, too! Fun – there’s a new genre for you to explore Paul: not just alternate Earths, but alternate times in which to appear. If one can space travel to alternate realities, why not time travel as well?

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