When words aren’t enough

This is a strange thing for an author to say, isn’t it? And still, there are things even the best author can’t express in words. And <insert deity of choice if applicable> knows Will, Robert and I are trying.

Words and phrases

It’s the feeling. The experience of being naked and free and the complete sensation of happiness that comes with it. We all know it. We all talk about it. And we all fail to convey the real deal in words. We hint at it and we know what the other means, because we all share that experience, but putting it down in words and phrases? No. I have never managed it, and I doubt that I ever will get that “point” across to someone who hasn’t been there.

The simple joy of being naked and doing something fun can’t be caught by words that I know.

Isn’t it odd that this happens? I’m one of the people who do lots of things with lots of words, and something like this is just impossible to put into words.

I guess that some things need to be experienced without words.

Like simply being naked in the outside, the woods, the beach, with good people, without trying to put words to the feeling. We all experience this and we all do it in our own way, so it’s probably best not to label it with words.

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