Where Does a Nudist Cop Wear Her Badge? (and further questions of undeniably outstanding importance)

The entries for the short story collection “Murder in the Nudist Colony” have been submitted, and now it’s time for yours truly to get down to the nitty-gritty of editing. Ted Bun has already started, and I’ve recently begun as well, reading through and checking for the obvious typos and grammar problems, but also to check for character continuity, plot credibility, and the like. You know, details such as – if that cop is naked, how can the other character see her badge “on her chest”? Ouch!

And so this is just a short post, so I can get back to editing. But let me tell you now: This collection has it all! Stories set all over Europe and the Americas and beyond? Check. Naked murder victims? Check. Oddly clothed murder victims? Check. Victims murdered at the nudist resort? Check. Victims murdered elsewhere and then brought to the nudist resort? Check. Nudist murderers? Check. Non-nudist murderers? Check. Gendarmes, constables, cops and miscellaneous support folks who have to get naked to do their jobs at the nudist resort? Check. Same, but who choose to get naked at the nudist park? Check. And a long list of etceteras – you get the idea. Theme and variations. It all makes for a very entertaining read!

A scene from the current Netflix crime series Lucifer, Season 4 Episode 6, featuring stars Tom Ellis and Aimee García – I’m still in Season 3, but I’m curious to see how this “nudist colony” scene plays out…

And of course, like any good collection of mysteries, there are red herrings, bizarre details, spectacular suspense, gruesome finds, intriguing characters, oddly plausible motives, and much, much more! Where before I might have said “I hope…” I can now say with certainty that “I know” that this collection will be a winner. We’re looking at a release date as soon as possible, probably mid-June at the earliest. Kudos to fellow naturist writers Paul, Ted and Robert for conceiving of this project and getting it up and running, and kudos to all who submitted an entry. Get ready to be knocked off your bare bottom by some stellar stories!

4 thoughts on “Where Does a Nudist Cop Wear Her Badge? (and further questions of undeniably outstanding importance)”

  1. Will, in reply to your leading question: In Jacob Drake’s two books ‘Chronicles of a Bare Naked Nudist’ and CoaBNN: Rebirth – Penny’s Tale’ the issue is addressed neatly; at a July 4 Celebration (if I remember correctly) at the Nudist Community in the Arizona desert NW of Phoenix, the cops all got their badges tattooed to their upper arms, where they would wear them on a shirt or jacket. I liked those two stories, but Drake has left us hanging – Book 3 is needed.

    1. Thanks for your comment! Yep, that would be a clever way to “carry” your badge, for sure. You’ll be happy to know that Jacob Drake is one of the authors who has contributed a story to the collection! 🙂

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