Why are they dressed?

This is a weak follow-up on a post by Will, from some weeks ago.

I’m reading a book. Well, I’m reading several, but this one made me think of Will’s post about ‘Stolen nudity’.

The book is called “A girl called Ari”. It’s a nice book, about different (social) worlds meeting.

Native African man.

At some point, the main characters (MC) run into a people that live far away from everyone, and who are known to kill each ‘trespasser’ that comes their way.

As soon as one of the MCs starts describing a few members of that tribe, it hit me that there is another part of missed nudity. A tribe that lives in a very warm area… and goes dressed in pants and jackets?

When I look at local (based on Earth) tribes from warm areas, I’d sooner expect a dress code like on the left.

But… of course, we also have people like this, on the right. I assume that this is more along the lines of what the author of “Ari” has in mind, but ever since I read that first encounter, with the jacket, I shudder when the tribe is mentioned in the book again.

Clothes are such a fixed thing in the minds of most people, it’s amazing. I wonder if there is ever going to be a change in that behaviour. With the climate changing, more and more air conditioners are being sold, so people can keep their clothes on. Yes, it is so. I see it everywhere. It is also what I try to convey in the first two “Nude In Space” books, showing what will / can happen to this world if people don’t get smarter.

Taking off the clothes when they’re not needed is just the way to go. Clothes that don’t get worn, don’t need to be produced, and that too helps in saving our planet.

Odd how one passage in a book can cause this avalanche of thoughts…

3 thoughts on “Why are they dressed?”

  1. I hate to point this out, but your text shows “clothes are […] a fixed thing” in your mind too… just a few lines further down you write “taking clothes off when they’re not needed is just the way to go”.

    Taking clothes off, as opposed to not putting them on. Removing them when the situation allows for it, rather than putting them on when circumstances call for it. It’s pernicious and it’s pervasive, and it’s almost invisible… but somewhat ironic in the present context.

    1. Thank you for your comment.
      I don’t hate to point out that the first bit is geared towards other people (“Clothes are such a fixed thing in the minds of most people”), whereas the other part of your comment is more along my personal life – which is definitely following the mind of most people.
      But to each their own. If this made you grin for the irony of it, I’m glad I supplied you with a moment of joy.
      Thank you for reading the post!

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