Why books matter. And naturists books perhaps even more.

Yes. Books matter.

You see the proof all around you if your eyes are open. There are books everywhere. In print and more and more also digitally. On tablets, e-readers, smartphones, you name it.

Books are powerful masters of time. According to Gutenberg Bible, the first officially agreed-upon book printed dates back to 1455. For most people that’s already quite a while ago. (Not for me, I remember it as if it was 1455.)

But that’s not the oldest writing that has been found. That dates back to between 2700 and 2500 BCE (Before Common Era) and consists of some very eloquently written clay tablets. They are probably administrative lists from Sumer. 😉

Some people even claim this writing goes back to 3400 BCE.

That shows how powerful books are and how they are in fact actual time-machines. They convey information across the decades and centuries. Books convey knowledge, cultural information, scientific information, stories and poems… and they convey dreams.

Nudist reading

Do I have a ‘dream book’? I think I do, although it’s not a specific one. It is any book that places the naturist lifestyle in a favourable light. You may not think of it as a dream but for me they are. I have this dream that naturism will become mainstream. Accepted. That it will become as normal as many other things you can read about today, like travel, inventions, space, the list goes on.

The second part of a book’s power, as I said before, is its timelessness. Just like the clay tablets telling us about the stock of Sumerian grain sheds, and the first writings of e.g. the Norse people with their Runic alphabet, the writings of today will be mementoes to our great achievements (and lesser actions) to future generations.

I really hope that in the future, someone will pick up one of the many naturist fiction and non-fiction books, will page through it, and will say, “Why were they making such a fuss about it back then?”

That is the kind of future I hope for, even when I probably won’t witness it. And I will keep writing my naturist fiction. Not only for future generations but also for the current ones. To tell about it to those who don’t know the lifestyle, and to entertain those who do.

2 thoughts on “Why books matter. And naturists books perhaps even more.”

  1. My ebooks outsell my paperbacks by something like 5 to 1. But at least people are reading. I just wish more physical books were out in the world. I don’t trust the permanence of ebooks as they are dependent on power and networking.

    My new book Life Models was just released, and I am more proud of it than of anything else I’ve ever written.

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