Naturism, the discovery of nudity in nature, is what motivates me to write. It’s what spurred me to start my blog, nudescribe, where you can find naturist travel reviews, naturism-inspired poems, topical essays, short stories, a play called Bodies on the Beach, and free serialized naturist fiction, including Bugs and Bares (a mystery in eight installments), and The Nude Adventures of Doff de Chonez pa su Mecha (a naturist version of Don Quixote in twelve installments). And it’s the motivation behind my three published novels, Skinners, Co-ed Naked Philosophy, and Aglow, all of which are also examples of naturist fiction.

Here’s my definition of naturist fiction: novels, novellas, or short stories, of most any genre, in which an integral aspect of the plot is the adaptation of one or more characters to social nudism in a context supportive of naturism. (read more about this definition)

My newest novel, Skinners, is like a naked Pirates of the Caribbean. A swashbuckler without the buckles!

Eddie Fife is a British sailor in the Caribbean in 1662. When he’s abducted by a band of buck-naked buccaneers and forced to take a stand in their battle with the Sea Witch, he finds strength and love in the most unusual of circumstances. The story brings to life a fascinating world of pirates, fugitives and sirens whose naked liberty, while speculative, has historical precedent.

Co-ed Naked Philosophy, my debut novel, explores the changes brought to a college community by a group of courageous students and professors who take on social conventions by taking off their clothes. It’s literary fiction based on real events in the contemporary United States along the Gulf Coast.

Aglow is my second novel. It follows the adventures of a historian and an art collector as they discover ancient, hidden testimonies that reveal a radical new understanding of nudity in nature. Weaving between 16th, 17th, and 21st-century Mexico and Brazil, it can be described as a Da Vinci Code meets the Legend of El Dorado, where the secrets of the past can only be discovered when naked!


Aglow was featured in a photo shoot at Intima, a nude-friendly resort on the Riviera Maya. Terrific photo! Is that creative “product placement” or what?

Intima is a beautiful clothing-optional oasis in Tulum, Mexico with great service. For more about the photographer: And for more about the cover artist: