Winter Solstice’s Journey to Light

Solstice at Stonehenge

Tomorrow is the winter solstice here in North America. In our home, there are no special traditions to be followed on this day or night – the longest night of the year. Tomorrow the last of our children heads to their home with their children. In a way, it is appropriate, a saying goodbye while knowing that the future only looks brighter with the return of more sunlight, more light. Following their departure, we will be home alone through the days leading up to Christmas Day, as well as Christmas Day. And for us, that is okay, for the next day we will begin a new round of getting together with family.

Lights in the Darkness

We aren’t scrooges. We have put up lights and a Christmas tree. I have to admit that the lights and the tree really have no “Christmas” meaning, but are more about a colourful way to combat the long, long, dark nights of winter. Will I be dancing naked in the snow? That’s doubtful as the forecast is for nighttime temperatures of -20 Celsius and colder. Still, I won’t rule out at least going outdoors in the darkness and cold as this has been known to happen despite the cold.

What I will be doing is more writing where the winter solstice will become part of the story line for a group of ordinary humans who are curses with immortality. Before I began this post, I didn’t know that this would be happening with a new story I have just begun writing. The story is naturist fiction, and by that I mean that the characters will find themselves comfortable in their own skin in numerous scenes. I get the sense that these characters are the “lights” that are vital to humanity’s emergence from darkness. Hmm – I can already feel the threads beginning to appear for the story. Imagine, six figures – nude figures – emerging out of the darkness. Six immortal humans – three men and three women – not mates but family.

Now, replying to Paul’s last post, this is going to be a bit of pushing my own boundaries as a story. And no, there are no zombies to be found in that story. I abhor even the idea of zombies, werewolves, unicorns, vampires making themselves as visiting actors in my stories.

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