Wormholes. Where all the stories come from.

Wormhole, as depicted by an artist.

Where do stories come from?

Sometimes people ask: “Where do all those stories come from?”

In itself a great question, I agree.

My best guess is: wormholes.

Not the ones from deep space, but the ones hidden inside the mind. The places where “stuff” happens, the stuff no one can explain.

I’m sure you had the experience where you thought, “How did I come up with that?” Well, that is from the wormhole. That strange phenomenon, like black holes, that hasn’t been explored.

Come to think of it, the mind also has black holes. Those appear when you think, “I’m sure I heard that before.” Or even worse: “I’m sure I forgot that before!” (Which happens to me at times.)

The mind is a strange thing

I’d be surprised if you have never encountered an occasion where your own mind surprised you. Thinking of something or someone when hearing a certain tune, or smelling a specific scent. Things like that. Specialists haven’t figured out how that works, which is fine for me. I enjoy those things.


They trigger stories. They activate the wormhole that throws airships, planets, dinosaurs and other oddities into my head, and all those things are being converted to stories.

The Lovers - status

I am convinced that all people can draw from that same source of “creative intelligence“, as I’ve heard it being called. It all depends if you want to do that, and if you do then it’s up to the person to do something with that.

Transforming those impulses into works of art (books, paintings, sculptures), or using them to come up with new ideas to solve old problems, that’s the trick.

How do you connect to that intelligence?

I’m not aware of a standard recipe for that. There are some tips that I could share, though.

One of them is meditation. Meditation, when done for a while, releases stress and opens up new pathways in your mind. Those pathways lead to places that were sealed off earlier. They can get you to new insights, new ideas, new creativity.

Another option is to think outside the box. That sounds simple but it isn’t. Before you can do that, you first need to know there is an actual box.

A third option is to simply allow yourself to think crazy thoughts. Just let go of what you know, what you’ve been taught to be ‘normal’. When you’re reading this, you’re probably a naturist (although non-naturists are welcome too), and as a naturist it’s likely you’ve encountered those who adhere to the normal kind of normal. The type that loves the clothes. So as a naturist you already have a good start towards the not so normal. Take that a step further, in whatever way you feel is pleasant (but don’t inflict harm onto others, just saying).

Good luck finding your own wormhole, your own creativity, if you’re ready to chase it down. And if you feel fine enjoying that of others, just wait for the next book to come out!

Be safe, be happy, be nude.

2 thoughts on “Wormholes. Where all the stories come from.”

  1. “You first need to know there is an actual box” – I love it! Yes, absolutely. The box, the frame, the lens that limits you and that you may not even know is there if you take it for granted. Very important first step!

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