Would You Buy Naturist Fiction Audiobooks?

A recording session for audiobook production

I just attended a webinar [Zoom] that dealt with the topic of creating your own audiobooks. Obviously, the whole point was to learn as much as possible about the process. I already have the software [Audacity] which is free, a decent microphone, and not so great set of headphones. Still, I will work with what I have and see if I need to invest in a better microphone or headphone. I have everything I need for producing an audiobook.

So why would I even consider doing an audiobook myself? Well, according to the presenter who has 35 years of experience in national television and radio sound production, it can be a lot of fun. Now that is something I can get into … having fun that is.

One thing I have noticed is that I have an option of having the blogging platform offer to do a machine production of a blog podcast for each post. I listened to the result and I know that I could sound a lot more human, go figure. Another thing I noticed is that when I sent an introductory script to two potential audiobook producers, I didn’t like their voices with my story. I checked with my eldest daughter who listens to audiobooks and podcasts and she confirmed my take. I then recorded the same script with my current setup and she preferred my recording.

In my opinion, if an author can produce an audiobook, the results would be better than a “professional” recording. The author knows their work, the moods, and every nuance of the story that no producer could ever know.

I am attaching an unedited recording of this post for you to hear. If I was producing an audiobook, editing would happen. Any odd mouth sounds would be cleared up as well as nay extraneous sounds from the environment – noise cancelling feature available with Audacity.

However, the big question is, aside from having fun, is it worth it to record Naturist Fiction as audiobooks? Who would buy these books. As we all know, a naturist fiction novel is never going to be on anyone’s best-seller chart. Though we advertise on Twitter, our personal websites, and elsewhere to thousands of “followers,” sales are weak. Admittedly I haven’t gone a month without sales for a long time, I could never rely on my royalties to cover my living expenses.

Truthfully, would you buy a naturist fiction audiobook? Or, would you stick to the traditional paperback, or the new tradition, an eBook? Would you pay for a serialised podcast that would present a chapter a week for perhaps as little as a dollar per episode?

10 thoughts on “Would You Buy Naturist Fiction Audiobooks?”

  1. I like to listen to audiobooks (I listen to the Harry Potter series when I’m taking a walk, and only then, because it sometimes helps me to want to walk). Some time ago I started to record myself reading ‘Hilda the wicked witch’ but I found out that editing my recording afterwards took sometimes more than the recording itself and I abandoned the project.
    It would just take me too much time to finish a book.
    But I think listening to for instance the ‘Naked Crow’ books would be nice.

    1. It takes from 5 to 10 hrs of editing to get 1 hrs of finished audio according to the experts. That’s why it is so expensive to hire a producer to do it.

  2. I have tried audiobooks several times and they don’t work for me.
    My mind runs off to play with other ideas. I don’t know why. I know that many people like audiobooks, so it would be a good idea.

    Good luck on the recording journey, my friend.

    1. I am with you, Paul. I like to read a book and read the newest stuff on Kindle (I can adjust font and type size while saving trees). The old paperbacks I kept seem to have shrunk the typeface – there’s a science fiction theme for you, shrinking type leading to blank pages.

      The last time I tried listening to a book was on a cassette player in my car, about 30 years ago. I kept driving while the reader droned on, and I couldn’t even remember where I stopped listening (as opposed to hearing) so I couldn’t go back!

  3. I’ve experimented with this as well, and found the time commitment to be daunting. But like anything else, there is a market for it, and some folks will prefer it. I hope you can indeed have fun with it!

  4. Truthfully, would you buy a naturist fiction audiobook?
    No, nor any other form of an audiobook.

    Or, would you stick to the traditional paperback, or the new tradition, an eBook?
    I prefer E-books for text, real books if there are pictures.

    Would you pay for a serialised podcast that would present a chapter a week for perhaps as little as a dollar per episode?
    No – audiobooks have no place on my bookshelf.

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