Writer’s Block

Well, it happens. Here it is my turn to write something edifying for those interested in naturist fiction. Just my luck that when I look inside to see what would be appropriate for an article, I see that the mental cupboard is empty. The truth is, even the cupboard has disappeared. All that I can see are a few cobwebs and scattered bits of Ritz Cracker crumbs. It is discouraging to say the least. It’s a feeling and a state-of-being that many writers find themselves experiencing from time to time. I’ve been here before, so I have some relief in knowing that this writer’s block will pass.

Not only don’t I have something for you here at Naturist Fiction, I am also drawing a blank at my personal website [rglongpre.ca] and my blog site. My two works in progress have also slowed to a halt. I am in a major rewrite of a naturist novel that I had begun last autumn. It has been going well and is being published, bit by bit, at my Patreon site, for patrons only. And, it has gone silent. I have been working on a historical quasi-fiction novel which is being serialised at my Wattpad page. Yes, you guessed it – silence!

living a life of ease

So what have I been doing? I am not always travelling and I am retired. I mean, I should be able to get with the program. Well, the truth be told, I am simply taking advantage of the quietness with a bit of extra time spent in meditation, sunbathing, and country walks. I get more than my fair share of nude time and life is treating me not all that bad at all. I’m not worried about the situation, at least not yet. Something tells me that the words will return and I will once again find myself feverishly writing.

Just a few extra words before I leave. Today is Canada’s national holiday – Canada Day. I invite you to find a bit of sunshine, a favourite beverage, and perhaps a friend or two with whom you can raise a glass and toast my wonderful country. If possible, lose the clothes and really make a party of it. Happy Canada Day!

6 thoughts on “Writer’s Block”

    1. Thanks Will. The words will come.Thanks, pPaul. I lose the clothes at every opportunity. Pull up a comfortable chair and a glass.

  1. Happy Canada Day.It sounds like you have the right idea for celebrating it.Certainly warm enough and sunny here where clothes are strongly discouraged.If only our laws agreed.

    1. Thanks, Scott. The sun was great until mid afternoon whereupon it was replaced by a storm with lightning and thunder and hail. Retreated indoors for wine.

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