Writing about being, or the theory of practice

I hope that title is confusing enough.

Let me dissect what I mean by this gibberish.


We all want to be clothes-free as long as possible, as often as possible. Unfortunately, life in general and the weather in other parts of general don’t allow for that all the time.

I don’t about your situation, but mine actually allows for quite some naked time while working at/from home. Shirt on for online meetings, and that’s mostly it. Still, that’s not the same.

Enter the author.

Authors of naturist fiction are, in my view, a strange kind of people. They usually are naturists themselves.

I have read ‘naturist’ work from a non-naturist author and trust me, you can tell.

A naturist author can ‘get naked’ in any environment as soon as the work on a story commences. Of course, I prefer to be all natural and uninhibited when I write, but at times there are circumstances that make that hard or even impossible. And that’s where the title of this blog post kicks in: writing about being, or the theory of practice.

It’s at those moments of writing inside clothing about being out of clothing that the mental discrepancy starts. That is when it feels like a balancing act between those two worlds.

Naked balancing act
It’s a strange balancing act…

That is where the theory, the writing about being clothes-free, becomes the practice. It’s the writing about what I like so much without being able to be like that. It is a weird “escape” but I find it works for me. Engaging with my naturist characters allows me to be ‘mentally naked’ in any location.

Mentally naked

‘Mentally naked’ in the place where I want to be.

I’m not even certain if this is an actual state of mind, but it fits the feeling.

Let me be the naked reporter that observes the goings-on at the Mighty Oaks naturist resort, or a casual passer-by on Mirror Earth who sees what comes out of the portal when that opens again. That is where I practice theoretical naturism and nudity. The freedom to be who I want to be.

2 thoughts on “Writing about being, or the theory of practice”

  1. You make some good points here. In the fantasy fiction community, I see a lot of naked warrior girls created by non-naturist authors, and their lack of naturist experience really comes across in their writing. The non-naturist author goes to great lengths to describe what he is seeing in his mind, detailing parts of the woman’s body, while rarely expressing the sensations of nudism. Likewise, on DeviantArt, you can find many ridiculous-looking (to me, at least) heroes with their vulvas exposed, but who are wearing thigh-high boots and shoulder pads. To a true naturist, this sort of outfit makes no sense; it exists in the mind of the non-naturist, usually for purposes of ogling, titillating, and arousing.

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