Writing and Images Telling Stories

Writing and Images

I can’t believe how quickly three weeks has gone by. I have to admit, that I have done very little with my latest naturist historical novel. I have been distracted with world and national news like most other people on the planet. However more importantly, I have been working on a photo storybook for my youngest grandson who will be turning three later this spring. I made a photo storybook for his sister last year for her fourth birthday and he is always stealing it to page through. He loves books, especially those which have pictures.

Writing and Images in Fabien’s Matias comic book.

Writing and images go together. Authors such as Fabien BarabĂ© have visual pictures front and centre with the words used to mediate between the images and readers. Fabien’s latest work is a graphic novel called Matias.

Writers such as PZ Walker, Will Forest, and myself typically use words to create the images. The three of us, and most other naturist writers, also use images, especially when blogging and with book covers. Images do suggest to a potential reader just some of what can be expected withing a book.

Like many writers, I keep a journal and have done so for years and years. There are periods of time when my had become so busy with work and raising a family, that writing had been set aside, including writing in a journal. In the last ten years, I have returned to writing in a journal using my laptop, something that has allowed me to put in an image with almost every separate day’s entry. Why? Well, for one thing, since a picture is worth a thousand words, I manage to keep my journal entries at a reasonable length.

Out of curiosity, I wonder how many other writers of naturist fiction or readers of naturist fiction, keep a journal or diary? And if you do, do you include images in your journal whether they are hand drawn or photos? Please don’t hesitate to let us know here in the comments. Cheers until the next time one of the three amigos takes a turn writing here next week.

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  1. I wrote a journal for about 4 or 5 years. At some point I looked back and realised I did nothing with it. I wrote down the day’s events and that was it.
    Lately I set up a (digital) Stoic journal. Everyone tells me it is a good idea. I have it for 2 weeks now. It has 2 entries. 1 is “Let’s see what this brings.” The other, almost 2 weeks later “Not much happening here”. I fear this isn’t going to have a long life.

  2. I keep an old-fashioned paper journal that I often use for first drafts of scenes that I will later type out, editing as I go. No images there, but I do save and keep images as concept art in a folder on Scrivener!

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