Writing from a naked viewpoint

The naked viewpoint.

What is that? You may take that literal. The way we prefer to be: naked. Unclothed. Take that as the default for your outlook and you have the naked viewpoint. Imagine the whole world being naked and suddenly someone in clothes comes along. Wouldn’t that be surprising?

Nude and clothed

What brings me to this

I like opposing views. I’ve never been one to conform to the standards so there’s no big surprise for me. Sometimes I am envisioning a naked world where suddenly clothed people appear. How would those covered folks be perceived? An example of this is in my Mirror Earth series. Of course, in those books (of which part 3 is currently in the making) I’m taking things even further by not restricting myself to humans being dressed.


History is fascinating. Humans or at least their early predecessors started life naked. They probably had more hair than we did (and why they decided to shed that is still a riddle to me) and they had no concept of clothes. So our original form and shape is naked. Babies being born prove that on a daily basis. Imagine never having worn clothes. How would that be? With nude being the norm and clothing only being donned out of necessity like rain or cold circumstances.


In our current society we can determine the status of a person by their clothing. Someone can look rich, fancy, overdone, crazy, sloppy, messy. How would that be without clothes? Would people wear jewellery to indicate their status? Body markings like paint or tattoos? Hats or crowns? Would there even be so much as a differentiation in status when everyone’s wearing the same nothing? Probably yes, but I keep wondering how that would look, what that would be.

Writing about it

Paul writing in the nude
The naked writer

When I work on a naturist novel I prefer to do so in the nude. It always makes me feel more connected to the story I’m working on. It’s about naked people, so how better to write about them than being as they are. Uninhibited. Naked. Free. And no, I am not putting on clothes when a dressed group appears in such a story! 😉

It is in that naked state I am creating this post. It is in that naked state I like to ponder the implications of a world that’s the opposite of the one we’re now living in; a dressed world that seems to die of shock when someone goes naked. I would truly love a world that is naked and honest. A world where people would be shocked to see someone in coverings if the situation didn’t call for that…


6 thoughts on “Writing from a naked viewpoint”

  1. Great insights.This is one reason I try to read naturist fiction while nude,aside from the fact it’s just more comfortable.Perhaps by writing nude you may create characters who are at least more open to naturism.Just a thought,in any case neat article.

    1. Thank you very much!
      I am convinced that reading as well as writing nude is beneficial to the body. Skin likes to breathe.

  2. I find this blog post intriguing and informative on several levels.

    For one thing, I spend a lot time at my computer keyboard and I spend a lot of time wearing nothing, and one of those situations is never exclusive of the other. Writing is simply something I do best when I’m comfortable, and I’m generally most comfortable when naked. Whatever I’m reading, whatever I’m writing.

    As to the history of clothes: there are various histories of the development of clothing and the concurrent development of “body shame” and clothing. It’s worth more investigation, because as far as I’m concerned, the burden of proof has to be on the “shamers”, rather than on those of us whose preference is to be naked when it’s comfortable to do so.

    Several years ago I found in the internet a film, I think of Scandinavian origin, in which the village (which appeared to be mediaval) was populated by men and women and children who were constantly naked, whether at home, at work in the blacksmith shop, at school or at church. Then a young man walking in the forest found a pair of jeans, left by a couple of pixies hoping to lure someone to try them out. He takes them home, not at all sure what on earth this piece of cloth could be used for. Then he figures out that he could use them to cover his nether parts: and the whole village erupts in outrage. Interesting …

    The line I liked best in your article, though, was your point that, just because a few folks come into the story with clothes on, you are not about to get dressed. Ah, the challenges one faces while trying to imagine a world where clothes are not necessary!

    Thanks for writing!


    1. Hello Allen,

      Thank you for your words. It’s good to see that more people are most comfortable in the nude while writing and/or reading.
      I recall seeing the film you mentioned. It’s something I think I’ve caught on youtube, which probably was a shrunk-down version of the film.

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