Writing naked is psychological

Yes, I write naked

writing in the nude

I do that for the same reason I like to live that way. It’s liberating. A while ago, when it was cold and winter and so on, I had to write textiled many times and I found a big difference in the way the words came out. Constrained. Held back. As if something was blocking me. Which of course makes sense.

Being naked while doing most things in life, as far as the outside world allows that, brings about a freedom that’s not only physical. I’m convinced that many people reading this have experienced that. If you haven’t, I can advise you to try it.

The psychology of being naked

I am convinced that being naked does more than liberate the body. It liberates the mind in a very

mens sana

remarkable way. That’s probably one of the health benefits that original naturism was pursuing. Even long before that idea, the ancient Romans already stated “Mens sana in corpore sano“. A sound mind in a sound body. (See the Merriam-Webster page

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on it.)

It’s like throwing layers from the mind while you also remove layers from the body. Being held back, constricted, works on so many levels. Freeing yourself of such layers is a sound, sane thing. (Do you see where ‘sane’ comes from? Sana, sano?)

It feels as if my mind is open to more paths when my body is naked. This is hard to explain. Perhaps Robert has better words for this. Psychology is more his forte than mine. And perhaps you immediately understand what I mean. I wonder, did you ever encounter this yourself?

3 thoughts on “Writing naked is psychological”

  1. Yes,once in college,I had a term paper and I got stuck on one part.It was late so I went to bed.About thirty minutes later I figured out what I was missing.I got up not bothering to dress and finished the part and went back to sleep.Long story short I got an A and the part I wrote nude is what impressed the professor.Little did he know that’s part I wrote nude.So that proves what you just wrote.

    1. That’s a very interesting anecdote! And yes, it’s certainly supportive of Paul’s point about greater clarity of expression and intent while writing nude. I’d add greater creativity to that list.

    2. That’s so nice to read, Scott, thank you.
      It never fails for me. The more my body can breathe, the more my mind seems to do as well.

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