Writing naturist fiction

As a person who read all the “… in the nudist colony” books, you are undoubtedly aware that there are many ways of writing naturist fiction.

The three ‘nudist colony’ books have stories from a selection of authors, who all have their own take on how to ‘do this’.

That makes these books fun to read, because each author has his/her/its/x own style of writing and also of depicting the nudity (and the clothity) in the story.

Recently I bought a number of books that are listed in the naturist’s library. The first one I started reading made me frown a bit. It felt as if the author wasn’t certain how to go about the nudity aspect of the people in it, and therefore overemphasised that. In a few paragraphs nearly every sentence has the word ‘nude’ or ‘naked’ in it. I haven’t looked into this, but I suspect that this was the author’s first naturist fiction book. A first is always a difficult thing.

Words from “Dune”, spoken by Princess Irulan, daughter of Padishah Emperor Shaddam IV.

The story in the book is a good one though. So far interesting things happened and no one knows how or why. This will be an fascinating reading journey.

It’s fun to read the work of others, of people whose stories I haven’t encountered yet. As a reader I am looking forward to meeting the way the author has gone about the story, the who-dunnit and the ‘where did it happen’.

As a writer, it’s fun to see how someone put their story together, the elements that are brought in, left out, described in-depth and those that are left to the reader’s imagination. Because no matter how or what, I know I can learn something from every author, from each story that I read.

I’m proud of the library, which has so many books in so many genres. And I’m happy that I now have the time to plunder it.

Have a good day, have a good book, and keep reading. In the nude.


(I love the original Dune books, you may have noticed this somewhere along this post.)

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