Writing never stops. Nude in space.


Some people may recognise this cover. “Nude in Space“. It’s a science fiction story I wrote. The first Sci-Fi naturist story I tried. Wow, that was in 2014!

I don’t think it was extremely good, but I liked it anyway.

Since that first attempt, more scifi from my keyboard saw the light of the bookstore shelves, and I was tickled to see people ask for another Nude in Space story.

Until a few months ago I had no idea if that was even possible, but the repeated requests seem to have left some kind of seed in my brain, because slowly something came up. The notion of a hunch of the possibility of perhaps an idea that might work for just that.

And after a few more weeks, the idea got more and more shape, but I was still puzzling in which time-frame I should place a possible follow-up. Two years after Nude in Space? Ten years? Twenty? And where to start with such a story? After all, this is something from (currently) seven years ago, and that’s quite some time. We all know that.

So I started taking notes and added scribbles around those. Some people made drawing doodles, I write them. And in the end something came out of that which looked viable. Ish.

I am not making any promises on when something might come from this. The notes still need a lot of attention. After all, there’s supposed to be a ‘story’ in there somewhere.

Paul writing in the nude

All this doodling has a serious effect though. I’m working on other stories, and the more stuff I take on, the longer it will take before the other projects reach a form of completion. So if you feel something is taking too long, remember that you all have yourselves to blame for it! 😀

Stay safe, everyone, and stay naked when possible!

5 thoughts on “Writing never stops. Nude in space.”

  1. I’ve often been surprised by what the brain can achieve to if left alone for a while rather than badgered to deliver answers. Many years ago I found that mine was able to solve crossword puzzle clues that had stumped me while gazing at the grid. Several hours later, without any sort of visual cue or thought of the problem, the answer could pop into my thoughts. That sort of “Aha!” moment has never happened while I’ve been using the computer. What a surprise!

    1. That is the way to do it.
      You can do great things without giving them attention. It is as if those things need some home-alone time to ripen.

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